Priest Dean Peter Sharko

Priest Dean Peter Sharko

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Priest vicar Evgeniy Balaniov

 +375 29 8344242 velcom

Please address to priests only in the pastoral Affairs.




Dear guests of our city!

Historical and legendary Nesvizh welcomes you!


People all over the world want to visit our city, to admire the beauty and grandeur of the stone Nesvizh created by Nicholas Radziwill Sirotka in the 16th century.

Imbued with the spirit of antiquity, swept through the ages without changes, The Roman Catholic Church (1593) remains the brightest among all the architectural masterpieces of the past.

Here you will be able to use the guides’ services and learn about the largest magnate kind of the Radziwills, who brought worldwide fame and notoriety to Nesvizh. You can also visit the family burial-vault, which doesn’t yield to the crypt of the Bourbons in France and the Habsburgs in Vienna.

Not to visit the Corpus Christi Church means not to visit Nesvizh!


A visit to the Church is possible ONLY in the time free from worship service.
Thank you for your understanding!

Schedule of worship services for this week BY



The rules of behavior in the Church

no phones

Turn off the sound in the phone

no photo

Photography and videography are forbidden

no drunk

No entrance in alcoholic intoxication


No entrance in beachwear





How to get there?


Republic of Belarus
222603, Niasvizh, Mickevicha St., 2

Schedule of worship services for this week BY